Stileup specializes in developing top-quality dynamic website applications with complex functionalities.

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With our web apps, you’ll be able to engage your audience more effectively and enjoy the return on investment.

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Stileup uses a rich web application development expertise to understand the differentiated and complex needs of every business. Our developers have the in-depth knowledge to provide you with tailored solutions that best meet your specific goals.
Our rich portfolio with successful projects encourages us to improve our efforts and bring innovation to our industry. Our ultimate goal is to give our customers the opportunity to do the same. We offer a wide variety of solutions, including customized web application development. We create web portals for advertisers, media & entertainment, social networks, marketplaces, communities, touristic agencies, and so on.

Some of the frameworks that we use to build your personalized web portal are:

Our team of professional developers focuses particularly on providing unique online business solutions and company internet-facing web applications.

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Web Application Frameworks


PHP Laravel is an open source and highly expressive framework in terms of the coding and syntax usage that allows you to build custom web applications. It provides powerful tools needed for large, robust applications with many basic functions preinstalled to ensure better results and enhanced performance.

Professional developers at Stileup provide you with custom solutions that have massive advantages such as delivering the best user experience and leading to higher engagement.


.NEt is a software framework that is used to develop web-based applications within the Microsoft Test Page. It has many advantages such as:
– Use of multiple languages
– Consistent UI
– Horizontal scalability
The framework requires an extensive amount of expertise in technical skills and deep understanding knowledge of web application to be able to deliver scalable custom products of high-functionality.


AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which is a combination of web programming techniques used to create web applications. It encompasses a group of existing technologies used in new ways. It allows the exchange of data with a server without having to reload the entire page.

Our web developers can build responsive, faster, secure, and interactive web applications with AJAX combined with XML, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


SQL is a great programming language designed for managing and porting data into and out of systems. It has a simple syntax and it’s easy to use.

Because of the fairly straightforward syntax and ease of use, administrators can then focus on the theory of database construction and the logistical aspect of getting data into and out of systems. Our developers can build clean applications with simple usability, complex functionality, and high-speed.


Through the years we have developed a vast variety of successful custom projects including web portals and business apps.

We specialize in enterprise-level deployments with complex functionalities. Web Applications for businesses will enable better collaboration within your team through smart data-driven systems, synchronized platforms, advanced management tools.

Moreover, you can enhance audience engagement in a more meaningful way through various digital campaigns.

Our competent web application development team brings in many years of experience that guarantee excellent User Interface, User Experience, and core development using best-in-class technology.


Stileup develops enterprise and customer-oriented web portals of various types that bring together all the significant functionality in an advantageous and user-friendly way. Project types that we deliver include:

  • Enterprise Portals
  • Learning Portals
  • Community Portals
  • News Portals
  • Vendor Portals
  • Partner Portal

We guarantee that all the multiple, complex features function exceptionally, and are coordinated flawlessly to ensure a pleasant user experience any browser and on all mobile screens.