Founded in 2012, Stileup is a creative digital agency based in Connecticut passionate about delivering high-quality services and effective solutions. We started as a small size company but steadily grew into an established business that encompasses a wide range of digital design, development, digital marketing services, and IT support.

The Stileup team is a talented group of experienced, driven professionals in their respective fields able to deliver exceptional results. We specialize in building powerful brands, beautiful personalized designs, well-crafted content, and successful strategies.  Our ultimate goal is creating inspired solutions that are uniquely appropriate for each client we work with.


Web Development

The professional team of experienced web developers has established a results-driven process that ensures successful outcomes. They’re able to help you achieve your ultimate business goals.

Web Design

We understand the importance of having an engaging and informative website to ensure a unique user experience for your audience. We will find the solution that perfectly meets your specific needs.

Web Marketing

What’s the point of being online if no one recognizes your brand? Stileup will define a compelling online marketing strategy to help you improve your online presence and brand authority.

IT Services

Stileup provides professional, innovative, and well-adjusted IT and networks solutions using the most advanced and stable technologies. We’re here to help you improve the quality and productivity of your work.

We would love to know more about you and what your business goals are.


Stileup is a result-driven company that focuses on delivering projects of highest quality and providing an excellent user experience. With our expertise, we will help you attract the best possible new potential clients to your website. Our team of professional developers, designers, and marketers strive to serve you with integrity, build effective websites, and help you communicate the unique value of your business.

We have a strong commitment to pursuing excellence and become a dedicated business partner for you. We are attentive, aim to provide a competitive advantage to our customers, and finally, generate measurable results in all our efforts.  Our goal is to create products for a sustainable future!


Stileup offers a full range of web solutions that make Stileup the best one-stop web design, web development, and online marketing service provider. Our deep knowledge and experience in the industry will provide you with persuasive and successful strategic solutions you need for a dominant online presence.

Our techniques are designed to help you assess your business and find the best way to convert it into a fully responsive website.  Stileup creates experiences that help brands grow into established businesses and excel in the digital culture!


Since 2012, Stileup has been building and promoting company brands with high-end custom-made integrated solutions. Our team of highly talented professionals has the necessary skills and experience to benefit your business and define the right strategy to help you establish a strong communication with your audience.

We take a personal approach to web development, design, and online marketing; therefore, working with us is always a unique and professional experience. We can become your strategic partner to help you increase your sales, expand your customer base, and meet all your long-term business goals.