2018 Web Design Trends

Keeping pace with the digital era and ever-changing trends are the major challenges at this time, especially for small businesses. Everyone knows the importance of investing in a beautiful website design is vital. It serves as the most effective marketing tool for your brand, and gives your business great opportunities to generate profits.

On the other hand, there is the competition – fierce and merciless.  If you want to be exposed to your target audience, and let people know what you have to offer, there is no other option but investing in a beautiful web design and a compelling digital marketing strategy.

Here you can find some interesting facts about how people are designing their websites in 2018. Although we’ve passed the mid of the year, you can still think about some interesting improvements you can do for your online brand.

Creative formatting

What make a website interesting and appealing are   its colors, effects, patterns, and elements. Considering the increasing innovation and the intricacy in the web world offer a more substantial level of control over how we design our web pages and how we render elements of different functionalities.

In 2018, static print design is an outdated thing. Designers focus on creating more dynamic, engaging, and user-friendly websites to enhance audience interaction. With the programming languages and frameworks becoming more sophisticated each year, creative professionals can now create cross-browser compatible and mobile-friendly that will provide different web experiences for users that use different devices. Want to add some spicy flavor to your website that it’s still sweet and tasty? Take a modern design approach; add a more creative format such as overlapping text, colorful dynamic effects, appealing images, and so on.

Micro-interactions on websites

Besides having a website with dynamic design, there are some other elements that have become a trend this year. They’re called “little-interactions” but with a huge effect on converting leads. We all know that appearance is an attention trigger, and you only have one chance to give that first good impression to your audience. These little “added values” help businesses encourage user engagement. They provide excellent user experiences with readers being able to enjoy that piece of information that they’re gasping from the website.

Use subtle animation, engaging images, bouncing effects with texts, some additional info that might pop up while scrolling the page, and so on. Figure out what kind of design suits your target audience and create a brand strategy that is in line with these requirements.

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